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29 May 2011

Postscript: how to escape the Sierra Madre with all 37 gold bars

Still geeking: as a bit of a postscript, I discovered how to escape the Sierra Madre vault with all 37 gold bars.... if you take steps to make every second count.

Most of the methods for doing this seem to involve elaborate setups with landmines or cheating with console commands; this method works on my unmodified XBox with patches to date and needs no hackery, although it'll probably take you a few tries 'n dies to make it.

Here's a scribbled walkthrough.... and just for proof, a snap of all 37 bars laid out back at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, which by the way is ideal player housing for the rest of the game, containing a functioning Sierra Madre vending machine. (You did win the complimentary voucher back at the casino, right?) This is also on my newly-relaunched personal blog, Enjoy!