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29 May 2011

Postscript: how to escape the Sierra Madre with all 37 gold bars

Still geeking: as a bit of a postscript, I discovered how to escape the Sierra Madre vault with all 37 gold bars.... if you take steps to make every second count.

Most of the methods for doing this seem to involve elaborate setups with landmines or cheating with console commands; this method works on my unmodified XBox with patches to date and needs no hackery, although it'll probably take you a few tries 'n dies to make it.

Here's a scribbled walkthrough.... and just for proof, a snap of all 37 bars laid out back at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, which by the way is ideal player housing for the rest of the game, containing a functioning Sierra Madre vending machine. (You did win the complimentary voucher back at the casino, right?) This is also on my newly-relaunched personal blog, Enjoy!


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!

    This [b][i]DEFINITELY[/i][/b] works, just trolled Elijah with all that gold >:P

  2. This is a good technique. I wish I had those gold bars in my hands.

  3. Just wanted to let you know I found your blog because I'm a fan of Fallout NV and I wanted to see the locations in real life.

    Well then I found this method and I hadn't played dead money yet so when I finally got to the vault I couldn't resist getting the 37 gold bars and I remembered seeing this method on your site.

    Long story short. It works! but I had to do it slightly different. Instead of going through the right side of the "U" I went right into the middle of it - and there is a room in the middle I was able to avoid his detection by running through it and still had time to get through the force fields!!!!!!

    This was tested on PC. Once I got through the force fields and went back up into the Mojave I used my teleporter to take me back to The Sink (It works if you are overloaded since it's not considered fast traveling.)

    Once I was in the sink I dropped all the bars on my bed.
    Now the good thing about being in the sink is that the main processor has up to 14,000-24,000 caps at a time.
    So you can actualy sell the bars to him one by one every 3-4 days of in game time.

    So yes this is a great method and just wanted to let everyone know how it worked for me on PC.

  4. OK you don't need patches what they really want u to do is sacrifice ur life for the gold meaning if you leave all your weapons in the vault it will make you just light enough to escape with all the gold .you can't run but you will be to how to get out with the gold all off it.what you do is after he days he's coming down leave the vault .on the right side there's a sparking power generator hide behind don't even need a stealth boy.once you see Elisha walking down the stairs slowly walk around the other side .once he gets to the vault if your crotching u should be half way up the stairs .the other half u half to stand and I promise you will make it to the top before hr sets the blue force field door back.I promise you don't need cheat code glitches or anything try it .if you can't get it reply and I'll message you back and even make you a video of me doing so with no cheats or download glitches or stealth boy.

  5. Oh my god, I'm so glad I don't know you! If I did, I would blow you!

  6. It works! Took a number of tries and a couple saves but I was able to walk away with those beautiful gold bars without using a stealthboy (didnt have one). I kept trying to sneak out the long way like an idiot before reading this post - your route was the right way to go.

  7. Sweeeet. Now to try and get the gold bars positioned nicely in my New Vegas house. :)

  8. soulsofthefallen00695@yahoo.com12/03/2013 11:38 pm

    That way makes sense..i just let eliagh carry them through the force sheids.i used him as my rag doll.i told him id meet.ran to the cloest sheild.threw granades.he ran by the elevator.i ran to the far end sheild kept shooting when his arm slipped threw the sheild.the last bit of life he had.i used grandade gun blew his body to the opening hall of the elevator.and put evertyhing i had in his arm and ran when i got to the other side took out of his body and i had everything in the vault and on werid.but never fails

  9. Actually, you can just drop all 37 gold bars through the force field. Then kill Elisha and run around the long way. You have to take a shortcut by dropping down from the platform once you run through the room with the security holograms. Just turn left and drop down. If you take the shortcut, you make it in one try.


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