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01 June 2012

Nuka-Break: the real deal

Just a note that someone else has been doing their own version of a Fallout: New Vegas Tour ... and doing it better. Wayside Creations has created a series of short films fanfic'ing the Mojave Wasteland - and they're brilliant. Here's the season opener at YouTube.


They riff on both overt and covert aspects of the Fallout games - watch out for the Mysterious Stranger - complete with costumes, props, and location shots featuring the same places I visited, including Goodsprings

They're now raising funds for a second season on KickStarter. If you enjoy their work, please support them. 

Or for a taste of the locations they use as a backdrop, read My Fallout: New Vegas Tour, starting here.

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  1. Guy! You're amazing! Just finished playimg FNV and searching the real references. Wouldn't you play Assassin's Creed and make the same for Italy?))
    Sorry for my English - I'm from Russia


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