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25 March 2011

In the final stages of planning

The list's now final. My itinerary now covers 40 locations on the New Vegas game map - some of which have interiors - meaning there's at least 60 pictures if I get around them all in five days (unlikely.) Oddly, since my route is a clockwise involute curving northeast from the Strip then describing a series of arcs towards the southeast, south, and west, the most difficult ones come on Day One - The Devil's Throat and Bitter Springs. Both are hundred-mile drives involving plenty of unpaved roads.

Hotels are largely booked, and are part of the tour too: I'll be staying at the Gomorrah, Silver Rush, Bison Steve's, and- if I can find it - Novac's Dino-dee-Lite Motel. The last is going to be the biggest problem.. .because Novac has no real-world double. (The town's name in the game comes from a half-working "No Vacancy" sign.) Nor is Novac's dinosaur a real clue: Dinky the T-Rex was inspired by faraway Cabazon. But I've worked out roughly where Novac is, and if there's a real motel there, I'm staying in it.

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