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28 March 2011

The ones that got away

Just before I leave for the trip, it's worth a word about the locations I couldn't match to anything in the real world.

For starters, the Gun Runners building looks like a lot of other buildings near the Strip. The business is probably based on American Shooters (or possibly The Gun Store) but both real-world stores are some distance away in real life.

Secondly, most of the businesses - the Aero-Tech offices, the H&H Tool Factory -  probably look like a thousand other buildings away from the Strip; a case of not seeing the wood for the (doubtless irradiated) trees. Without an actual map marker on my Pip-Boy I'm giving up on them, fun as it'd be to march up to the reception desk and ask if I could hack a terminal or two.

Third to fall are most of the NCR camps. Camp Golf is obvious enough, but I've no idea if the Mojave Outpost is a real clump of buildings, and Alpha through Foxtrot are waaaaay off the beaten track - no chance of getting there without a GPS reference or two.

Fourth, the bunkers and caves. It's possible the locations are real - most sit in the shadow of recognisable mountains and other geographical features - but obviously there's no actual hatches there to climb down, and I don't have time to go walkabout.

Finally, most of the "official" buildings I won't be able to get close to. I'm hoping to see Nellis AFB from the road, but places like Helios ONE and the Southern Nevada Wind Farm are working businesses in real life (if I've got my equivalents correct), not the sort of places you can go snooping around. I live in hope.

But that leaves 40 locations on my itinerary that seem doable in the few days I have. So - enough Dialogue Options; it's time to Fast Travel to the Mojave Wasteland!

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  1. i noticed the name similarity while in vegas about a year ago. Rum runner, gun runner.


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