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25 March 2011

Pip-Boy and Power Fist

Just in case this blog wasn't silly enough already, I thought I'd make my own Pip-Boy for the trip.

 - Scrap electronics (1/0)
- Sensor module (1/0)
- Elbow brace (1/2)
- Velcro patch (1/16)

Hmmm. Wait a moment... I'm sure my trusty Garmin counts as electronics and a sensor module. To the Workbench! (And yes, of course the map was 'shopped)

On the other paw I've mocked up my favourite unarmed combat weapon, a Power Fist. OK, there's nothing powered about it, but at least I'm reasonably qualified to wear one. (I give my heavy bag a 1000-punch workout twice a week, although my right cross is no more than a 35/100.)

Thinking about this a little more, of course it'd be easy to take the roleplaying even further. I've got a crateful of training gear (everything from mock guns to batons) in my garage, but there's no way I'm taking a mock-Glock past a Customs guy, even one made of yellow rubber. (The gun, not the Customs guy.) But there are other possibilities for stocking up my SUV next week. Snack cakes? Sugar bombs? Bubblegum? (Maybe not the dirty water, ugh.) Are we being silly yet?

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