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04 April 2011

Quest: completed!

The Mojave Wasteland isn't the best place for wifi connections, so from a NO VAC-like location in Joshua Tree I'm mobiling a blog to note: THE TOUR WAS A SUCCESS!

With nearly a gig of photographs and video on my Pip-Boy camera, posting side-by-side IRL and game pics will have to wait until I get back to the UK in a few days. A few disappointments - Bitter Springs was a bitter disappointment, since doing 30mi offroad in fading daylight isn't a good idea when you're solo in a rental SUV. But I reached 27 of the 30 or so locations on my itinerary - including the Devil's Throat! - together with a few random bonuses; who'd have thought I'd stumble across the Vikki & Vance getaway car? All the evidence is on its way.


  1. Awesome collection, very fun reading.

  2. Excellent work, great read, and first and foremost - an ingenious initiative! Thanks for this!

  3. Awesome job. Do you know if anyone has done this for the capital wasteland in fallout 3?

  4. This whole thing blew me away. Because of your blog, I actually just got plane tickets and I'm going to visit all these places in July. I've been to Vegas a few time before, but this time I'm taking a side trip to all the places before I go get wasted and probably lose a considerable sum of money ;)

  5. As a resident of Joshua tree, my fiancee and I decided to tour the same locations starting at primm (2 hours from us) and work out.


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