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13 April 2011

Location 01: Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas

There was only one place to start: the famous sign at the south end of The Strip. At bottom left is an NPC: a young guy offering to help people take photos of themselves underneath it.

In this first pic, two things became apparent: the way scaling and perspective affect the image matching (I'll be taking a fresh set of game snaps when I'm back in the UK) and the weather - time of day really matters, and in real life I don't have the luxury of fast-waiting until the light's right.

There's also an effect I suspect the game designers added in deliberately: notice how the game sign is considerably taller than IRL? The beauty of the game map is that you can look around and see stuff in the landcape far from your position, prompting you to explore more. Producing that effect means taking artistic license, which I expect to affect all my snaps to some exttent.

But not a bad first pic of the main game. Now to start the quests in earnest! First up: let's fast travel to Goodsprings.

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  1. 27 out of 30 - nice one! Looking forward to the subsequent comparison pics


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