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15 April 2011

Location 31: Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Picnic tables, picket fences ... it's Spring Mountain Ranch State Park!

Picnic, anyone?
The park is a manicured family R&R area in the midst of some awe-inspiring scenery - yes, the red banded mountains are shared with Red Rock Canyon next door.

Calm before the Khans
As an aside, have you noticed how the game designers really had it in for those mountains?

I mean, practically every one has had its summit clipped or great chunks of its sides torn out; we're almost talking "Red Pebble Trench" rather than "Red Rock Canyon". You heard it here first: Obsidian/Bethseda HATE our lumpy geological friends. 

I'm nearing the end of my quest: just a few more locations to go. Next up: Red Rock Canyon.

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