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14 April 2011

Location 20: The Strip - Gomorrah

The sands of time
And so to The Strip! The casino photos were surprisingly hard - while each in-game casino has a real-world equivalent, it's also where the game designers took the most artistic license; they're not the same places. (Of course, the game's not quite our future, but the way people in the 50s imagined the future would be.)

Anyway, first up's the Gomorrah. The scruffiest and dodgiest joint in New Vegas (and that's saying something), it's based on the oldest and most faded casino in the real world: the Sahara.

Meet the family
The Sahara's been in business 52 years, and is shutting down next month. Sad, but that's Vegas for you: constant renewal. I went inside, and the pool area (which looks surprisingly like the game) was closed off; otherwise there's little relationship between the interiors apart from the odd bit of North African inspired decor.

Nearby is the enigmatic Tops Casino.


  1. Ahh the poor Sahara... It will be replaced with something amazing I am sure.

  2. On the wiki it say it's based on the Dunes Hotel and Casino.

  3. You're right, the Dunes looks closer. But that's now demolished, and I was looking for the closest equivalents in the real world today :-)

    1. Apparently it's now called SLS Hotel & Casino, according to Google Search, it says it's been open for 64 years. Maybe that might help.


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