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14 April 2011

Location 22: The Strip - Ultra Luxe

Puttin' on my white gloves
I stayed in the Mirage last year, which seems to be the inspiration for the most luxurious hotel on the New Vegas Strip, the Ultra Luxe. Admittedly, there's probably a lot of the Bellagio's dancing fountains mixed in, but remember, the game universe isn't ours, and the New Vegas casinos were principally inspired by what Vegas looked like a few decades ago.

(The restaurants in real life presumably serve less interesting steak than the Ultra Luxe, too, although - this is Vegas...)
You want a piece of me?

The clue for me was the hinged architecture, which is somewhat more flowing in the game than the Mirage's angular blocks. But the foilage out front - including water features - seem to chime, and of course the Mirage is famous for its indoor rainforest. Score 3.

I can't delay this any longer: it's time to visit Mr House at the Lucky 38.


  1. I want to say that the Ultra Lux was based on an old casino that was taken down years ago. I wanna say that 'Lux' was in the name, but the Luxor is the only one that comes to mind, and I'm convinced it wasn't that one. I think some of Gammorah might have been pulled from the Luxor, with the obvious African stylings

  2. Ummm. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Luxor is totaly Egyptian themed. Less so now on the inside than when it first opened but I think the fact that it's shaped like a giant pyramid still would kinda give it away. :)

  3. Egypt IS in Africa, Anonymous :D

  4. According to the developers, the Ultra-Luxe is actually based on the Ballgio, inside AND out. Though the fountain is A LOT less fancy ingame.

  5. Yeah - its def. supposed to be the Bellagio *see link*

  6. Noo gammorah is completely based on sahara that was also closed years ago

  7. The Gamorrah might be very much as (current date), The Tropicana Hotel & Casino.


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