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13 April 2011

Location 05: The Vikki & Vance Casino

According to Wastelanders, it's the only reason to go to Primm - but the Vikki & Vance Casino only bears a passing resemblance to Whiskey Pete's, where I also spent a night. By sheer coincidence, I saw the connection after breakfast: yes, it's Vikki and Vance's getaway car!

In reality the car on display belonged to Dutch Schultz, a genuine New York gangster - and it's got the same bullet holes in the panels. A terrific find, all the more fun for being a total coincidence.

Time to leave Primm and fast travel to some further-locations, starting with Hidden Valley.


  1. The car that is in the game looks more like the Bonnie and Clyde car

  2. Now there's a twist. It seems the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car was on display in Primm too until recently, but now it's elsewhere (near Reno.)

    Well, if you've seen one bullet-scarred 1920s gangster getaway vehicle you've seen them all...

  3. The Bonnie and Clyde exhibit also had clothing and guns like in the game, I haven't been since they took the car out.

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