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13 April 2011

Location 15: Freeside - The Atomic Wrangler

The Wrangler
Vegas Vicki
 There's no direct equivalent for the Atomic Wrangler across the street from King's, but I wouldn't mind betting (ha!) that it's a tribute to Vegas Vic and his female counterpart Vegas Vicki, big neon cowboy and cowgirl signs on Fremont St.

The Glitter Gulch on the real Fremont St is actually a strip club, which I visited in the interests of research.  The Atomic Wrangler sign in the game is an obvious tribute to Slim Pickens in "Dr Strangelove", riding a nuclear missile out of the bomb bay towards oblivion.

It's getting late: let's check out Freeside's East Gate.


  1. ....more like towards Skyrim, amirite?

  2. "The Glitter Gulch on the real Fremont St is actually a strip club,... which I visited ... in the interests of... um... research." LOL This cracks me up!!

  3. I was gonna nitpick about how the atomic bomb Slim Pickens rides out of the bomb bay in Dr. Strangelove isn't a missile because it's not self-propelled, but I looked it up and found out they mean slightly different things in British and American English. Huh.

    Oh, I still love this blog by the way, I come back to it all the time =D


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