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13 April 2011

Location 04: The Bison Steve

The Bison Steve in Primm has an obvious real-world counterpart: the Buffalo Bill Hotel & Casino, which is also surrounded by a real roller coaster!

A sign this big...
I stayed here for a night and it soon became obvious the game designers had added a twist.

.... would definitely provide
inspiration to a neonworker
Inside the (huge) casino is a mock town modelled on the Old West - chowhouses, Pony Express outposts, a barber's shop and so on.

The other buildings in FNV Primm take their inspiration not from the actual town, but from the mock buildings inside the casino! 

A fun realisation amid the ultimate tackiness of the hotel (which is a pleasant place if you discount the tupperware cowboys) and at least there's a Tony Roma's inside to while away the evening.

More fun than the elevator
Primm's roller coaster is one of those ridiculous things you only see in America; I'm not into 'coasters but plenty of people were riding it. (I preferred the monorail between the casinos.)

A bit like a burger I suppose: simple, mindless fun for when you don't want to think about stuff too much - nothing too difficult about it.

About as much fun as a Deathclaw
It's not the same shape as the game version and in the game it's buckled and broken anyway, but I managed to get at least a half-good camera angle on it. Let's walk across the road to Vikki & Vance.


  1. That still would be cool to see :D, and thanks for doing this seeing as I probably will never get to do anything like this. Oh and not to be picky, just wanted to let you know you forgot the w in Deathclaw.

  2. Aw, c'mon man. I can't believe you would compare a rollercoaster to a burger... :)

    Otherwise - I LOVE THIS SITE MAN. Thanks!

    1. It kind of makes me wonder if ate a burger because he compared it to a rollercoaster, of which he clearly did not seem too fond of.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. One difference I did notice is that the in-game hotel has a wooden roller coaster, whereas the real life one has a steel roller coaster.

    1. It's worth noting that the first steel roller coaster didn't come around until 1959, which right at the tail end of the time period in which Fallout's universe diverges drastically from ours in terms of technological advancement and focus. It's entirely possible that by the Great War of 2077, steel roller coasters had never come around, or were a very recent invention. Plus, the wooden coaster just fits the overall dated fifties aesthetic that predominated Fallout pre-war society.


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