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14 April 2011

Location 21: The Strip - Tops

The Tops takes a bit more sleuthing. I could be wrong here, but its closest parallel (in both nuance and geography) in Las Vegas seems to be Circus Circus, a showing-its-age resort where I last stayed ten years ago. (Big Top, geddit?)

The most obvious relationship is with the swirly front overhang, although it's a bit tenuous. If anyone has a better idea, comment below.

Time for something a bit easier to classify. Let's put on some white gloves and visit The Ultra Luxe.


  1. I think this was one of the hotels in Fear and Loathing, so the choice works for me.

  2. The Tops was based on the old 50s casinos more than any of the others. The Sands specifically, I believe. One of the ones that's not there anymore, at least.

  3. Yea I have to agree with the last comment. I don't believe the Tops was based off of the Circus Circus. The location is roughly correct, but i've lived in Las Vegas my whole life <40+> years. I remember a Strip casino that had something VERY similiar to the wavey up and down lighting on the Tops in the game but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was. Most of the old casinos are gone or totaly remodeled now, I belive the Tropicana is the only one left that is from the 50'/60's era and it only vaguely looks like it did then.

  4. It was based on the Mint:

    Which is incidentally the casino sponsoring the race that Hunter S. Thompson is there to cover in Fear and Loathing.

  5. The band The RAD Pack at The Tops reminds me of The Rat Pack, being a Frank Sinatra fan myself, I found that they used to play at a theatre at The Sands Casino before it closed. Remarkably, I found the original address of the casino which is 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd. The only thing that is there (at the current date) is The Palazzo Hotel & Casino, behind it is The Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Hopefully this helps. :D


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