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14 April 2011

Location 24: Callville Bay

Heading for Hoover
We're nearing Hoover Dam!Some way northeast lies Callville Bay, a rest and recreation area. While you can't see the dam in the IRL shot, it's there, just beyond your field of vision. It seems the nuclear wars took out a large chunk of the eastern coastline in FNV.

Lakelurks ahoy
One thing to note here is the "watermark" on Lake Mead. See the cleaner-looking rock dilineated by a horizontal line? That's how far the waters have dropped in our world. It's a real problem for future generations if it continues; many blame global warming. The waters seem to be at a higher level in FNV, though.

Escaping the cazadors, I'm off to Boulder City.

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  1. The severely low water level in Lake Mead is mostly due to a mixture of a few elements. Several years of below average snowfall on the west side of the Rocky Mountains, which is where most of the water that goes into the lake comes from, and a demand for more water by farmers downstream of the Hoover Dam in California and the steady increase in population in Las Vegas demanding more of the water for Las Vegas use also.

    More than you ever wanted to know about why the water level in Lake Mead is so low. :)


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