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14 April 2011

Location 25: Boulder City

Boulder's historic hotel
Not to be confused with the one in Colorado, Boulder City is the town that built Hoover Dam. In real life it's a cheerful place with a historic downtown, where I stopped for a microbrew at the Boulder Dam Brewing Co (hullo if you're reading this. Your beers are great.)

Bit of a strech, but the biz is there
It's also, unfortunately, among the most totalled joints in the Wasteland - with barely two buildings standing. I'd like to think the first one is the Boulder Dam Hotel, a well-proportioned white building in the historic district; it's in roughly the right place and carries on the same kind of business.

In the historic district
Another Boulder building
Also in Boulder  are a number of buildings with arched walkways on the path, of which this is representative.

Realistically, the buildings in the game could have been based on any of these - or none of them.

Next I'm fast travelling a bit, across the game map to Sloan.

1 comment:

  1. Here's what I remember about driving thru Boulder City on the way to Hoover Dam...Toilet Paper Man statue!

    I don't recall seeing him in the game though.
    He's probably under the rubble, yeah that's it, buried under the rubble, I'm sure of it : )


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