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13 April 2011

Location 07: The Devil's Throat

Onward to the most remote location on the FNV map: The Devil's Throat!

Watch your step...
It's a sinkhole, formed in the 90s by the sudden absence of water beneath it (the water table's been falling in Nevada for years) and it's over a hundred feet deep. It's fenced off and the ground around it is soft if you do the non-sensible thing, like for example leaping the fence to take a few pics. Apart from a dune buggy in the distance I saw no other signs of human life the whole time I was there.

... or the centaurs will have you
It's at the end of an 8mi offroad jaunt, and a lot further from civilisation - nearly 100mi from Vegas. It's a somewhat different shape in the game, but clearly the same location. (Note this isn't the "Devil's Gullet", which is on the other side of the game map - wonder why the game designers created two such similar locations in the game?)

In the game, this location contains some great loot (if you combine it with a nearby Super Mutant camp) including a couple of miniguns and the superb Avenger; it's also the gateway to some unusual routes to other locations, one of which takes you off the map and onto it again! (Making it possible to reach both Nellis and Cottonwood Cove without doing the quests.)

I was pleased to reach the Devil's Throat; few people ever go there, and even fewer on a mission like mine. Next let's try something harder: a location that's entirely fictitious, Novac.


  1. Man, I thought I was branching out finally making it to Old Downtown in Vegas. 100mi out of town in a four wheeler. This is awesome stuff!

  2. Yup, this was the one location on my list I thought I'd have to miss. I ended up missing another remote location, the Bitter Spring backcountry byway - it would've been 30mi offroad in failing light in a rental SUV with nobody knowing where I was, so I turned around. My risk profile must be softening...


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