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14 April 2011

Location 27: Quarry Junction

Breakin' rocks...
Fallout fans either love or hate Quarry Junction, the Deathclaw-infested arena near Sloan. And if you thought Deathclaws were hard, try getting close enough to photograph the real thing!

... and breakin' bones
It's a working pit with major machinery moving around all the time; while it's possible to drive up to the site it's not possible to get up close and personal with the quarry's central machine, the vantage point from which you probably picked off the 'claws with your sniper rifle. You remembered the hollowpoint ammunition, right?

 There was some serious wind going on when I visited - not a million miles from the game's dust devils, I suppose; no wonder the Deathclaws stay sheltered in the quarry - but I managed to take a few seconds of video:

I need a break after dealing with those Deathclaws. Let's check out Bonnie Springs.


  1. Truly a great blog Sir. Nice stuff to read. If I lived in Las Vegas I'd rent a bus and actually start to do tours :D

  2. Great blog, brings back memories! I hope you didn't get stung by any Cazador during the trip!

  3. While I was lurking over at 'No Mutants Allowed' I happened across a link to your site, have to say that this site ROCKS!!! ROCKS out loud I tell ya!

    Great job!

  4. Thanks - it's not done yet, still 8 or so places to blog!

  5. This is great. Thanks for sharing! I have to convince my wife to let me do the same when we visit the Capitol Wasteland.

  6. Except that hollow-point is worthless against a deathclaw's 15+ DT hide. Bring the AP ammo instead.


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