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14 April 2011

Location 26: Sloan

Down and dirty in Sloan

You don't get much further from the glitz of the New Vegas Strip than mining town Sloan and its Deathclaw-infested seam Quarry Junction. The rough and ready town actually exists, and it's a working company town.

Downer and dirtier
In our world it's quite new and spruce; in the Fallout world, of course, it's a rustbucket junkyard. I saw no more than half a dozen buildings, most of them simple prefabs or work sheds, and a few shipping containers scattered about.

I'm not sure if it has an actual population or if it's a daytime workplace that happens to have a name - take a look at the video and take a guess for yourself.

With a song in my heart and a Maximum-changed Holorifle on my shoulder, I head down the road to Quarry Junction.

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  1. I spent far too long stuck up on those quarry ramps sniping the Deathclaws while Boone spent his time charging them and being knocked unconscious.

    Happy days.


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