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13 April 2011

Location 16: Freeside - East Gate

Go east, young man
Entering Freeside East
In reality, Fremont St East is just a hoop across a road. In the game, Freeside's East Gate is a heavily-fortified wall of scrap concrete and barbed wire. But they're the same place.

The right gate, in the wrong place
The photo on the left most closely corresponds to where "Freeside East" actually seems to be. There's another part of Freeside (the street containing the Rush and the Wrangler)  that resembles the real-world gateway much more closely - however, triangulating with the King's, the second game snap here is at the wrong end of the street!

Time to hit the road again, and suffer the bitter disappointment of Bitter Springs.


  1. "Just a hoop in the street..." For the love of god tell us you at least saw Fremont St itself?!

  2. Where is gun runners?


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