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14 April 2011

Location 18: Camp McCarran

Zoomed from beside the
Welcome to Las Vegas sign!
Closer but backed into a wall
Camp McCarran is of course based on Las Vegas Airport. Aside: how often do you see an airport from the outside? McCarran Airport is a brilliant piece of architecture, with a family resemblance to New York's JFK, and yet none of us ever appreciate the curves. (With plenty of airports it doesn't matter, naturally. I mean, London's Heathrow, with the exception of the new T5, is a pile of boxes as horrible outside as it is in.)

Plane's in the baggage area...
Us internationals don't use the main Terminal, so I couldn't get onto the concourse where much Camp McCarran quest action gets briefed - but I scored a couple of shots of the entrance hall by walking between the two.
... plane's in the entrance hall

(Again, how long is it since you walked between two airport terminals? With me it's about a year, and the previous stroll was also at McCarran!)

Wish I had a Pip-Boy light
Incidentally, the hanging plane doesn't seem to be in the same place IRL and in-game; I've a feeling McCarran has more than one, and if so it must be beyond Passport Control. Lacking both a Stealth Boy and lockpick skills, I wasn't able to check.

Check out the check in
My plane here's over the baggage carousels, whereas the game plane is in the entrance hall. Close but no cigar?

Anyway, let's see how close we can get to Nellis AFB.


  1. That is the only hanging plane at McCarran. That may change, though, as they are opening a new International terminal (Terminal 3) in 2012.

  2. The old McCarran airport before the major renovation..


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